2019 November 16-20

Makhachkala city, Republic of Dagestan, Russia

Research Recreation Center "Juravli"

23-rd World Congress on Clinical Nutrition












-Administration of Derbent city

-Federal Scientific Research Institute of Nutrition

-Reserch Recreation Center "Zhuravli"

-International College of Nutrition (ICN)

-Laboratory of Mathematical Software for Stimulation of  Dinamic Systems (MOIDS) (MSU)

-Dagestan State Medical University (DSMU)


Scope of the Congress:

-Physiology, anatomy and biochemistry of nutrition;

-The effect on farm animals of feeding them food of animal origin such as milk, eggs, meat, etc .;

-Circadian food energy exchanges;

-Processed functional products: a challenge for the food industry;

-Holistic approaches to health and nutrition;

-Food safety for world health;

-New research in agriculture with reference to genetically modified products;

-Healthy food processing, suggestions for industry;

-Advanced research in the field of clinical nutrition;

-Micronutrient deficiency caused by malnutrition and its correction;

-Immunofood and natural products;

-Home enteral and parenteral nutrition;

-Prebiotics and probiotics;

-Experimental nutrition for animals;

-Food safety and agenda in the EU, FAO (Food Agriculture Organization) and WHO (World Health Organization);




Research Recreation Center "Zhuravli"

367000 Republic of Dagestan

Makhachkala city, Karaman 2

tel.: +7 (928) 549-64-29,  +7 (928) 807-10-13



Registration fees:

Regular - 300$

Students and pensioners - 150$

Accommodation and meals for the entire period  - 150$

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